Todays post. Alexander Mcqueen: Savage Beauty and the Dark Souls design works.

Imagination sketch of Ayami from Tenchu. I’ve been focusing on trying to paint more women lately as I tend to just do screamin’ dudes. Dunno what she’s doing with her arm on her head but there you go.

Playing about sketching women. Makes a difference from screamin’ toothless dudes.

graveyarddirt said: Nice!

Thank you! <3

Quick warm up sketch of a toothless wizard with a gammy arm.

Illustrated and designed this poster for the next Concrete Fest installment. The idea behind it was to be a tribute to both Hardcore (Gorilla Biscuits!) and Birmingham where the festival calls its home. Hope you like it. :)

Artwork I’ve painted for the Birmingham, UK based Crossover/Thrash band Drawn In.


Havnt posted much in a while. All the projects Ive been doing are slowly wrapping up. Will have more work to show next week. For now enjoy this quick Akuma from Steeet Fighter pen sketch. :)

Oops. Was a steal in price though!

What I imagine working in an office feels like.