Work music. I feel this album was slept on by people.

I will never ever get bored of looking at Yoji Shinkawa’s concept art for Metal Gear Solid.

Movie still study from Drive (2011). I was just looking for an excuse to paint Carey Mulligan.

Going out. Instead of drawing.

Photostudy. Original reference image found on

New post. Tactics Ogre artbook all the way from Japan. So much great design in this.

Should be in bed but up late sketching instead. Just a dude with a creepy face.

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Todays post. Alexander Mcqueen: Savage Beauty and the Dark Souls design works.

Imagination sketch of Ayami from Tenchu. I’ve been focusing on trying to paint more women lately as I tend to just do screamin’ dudes. Dunno what she’s doing with her arm on her head but there you go.